If you are considering discovering India well, road trips are the greatest way to do it. And even though you are at it, no one can be a better companion than a group of close old friends for perfect motorcycle tours in India. Thinking where to go next? We recommend you some road trips that can be best while traveling with friends.

Hyderabad to Kannur
Total Distance – 891 km

If you are beholding for a long drive with your friends, this is one the best route for motorcycle tours India. This trip will never bore you — on one hand is the valuable amount of time you have to celebrate and relish sometimes collected, while on the other, there’s a lovely route with plenty of greenery and wonderful delicious local cuisine.

Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar
Total Distance – 230 km

This route offers the best combination of elegant weather and vivid views that make it a perfect motorcycle tour to take in India with a bunch of best friends. As you leave behind Mumbai’s coastal belt and dive in the lush Western Ghats, the views change from the sea to the lush green mountains.

Delhi to Rishikesh
Total Distance – 230 km

No matter how common that sounds, but road trip from Delhi to Rishikesh is one of the best motorcycle tours India you can take with friends. While there are plenty of eating options on the way, the scenery changes from the city to soothing forest to the beautiful hills, and finally ends with an elegant river flowing past.

Kochi to Kovalam
Total Distance – 220 km

This road trip is the best if you have nature-loving friends who are considering for a spurt from the chaos of daily life. You can begin the trip from the Kochi, take a stop at Alappuzha to relax in the company of its lovely backwaters, and give the road trip a flawless concluding by having some leisureliness at the untouched beach of Kovalam.

Jaipur to Ranthambore
Total Distance – 180 km

Last but not the least this trip can be enjoyed with a group of friends riding side by side on a motorcycle, sight-seeing the beautiful eco-environment. From the green belts of the Aravalli range to the sporadic bushes spread across the forests of Ranthambore, this road trip offers the best views of Rajasthan’s geography.

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