The perfect way to rediscover and de-stress is taking a vacation. You can utilize this time to explore the unexplored. There are many offbeat places in India that you would love to visit. So get in the shoes of Columbus and start exploring India.

Here are some of the unexplored places that you must visit now.

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh
An offbeat place in India, which has an agreeable climate throughout the year. The beautiful green patches and the rice fields will make your day. You can deeply know the Apa Tani tribe and have a vacation close to nature.

Majuli, Assam
Majuli is famous in India as the world’s largest freshwater island. The island situated on the river Brahmaputra is 20 Kms away from the city of Jorhat. The place is resplendent with several festivals throughout the year. You must visit this place during monsoons when the river is swollen and beautiful.

Champaner, Gujrat
One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Champaner will definitely leave you awestruck. This town with so many historical ruins is set in the lap of the Pavagadh Hills. According to the Indian Mythology, Pavagadh is a chunk of the Himalayas carried over by Hanuman during the Ramayana. October to February is the best time to visit this place.

Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh
Khajjiar is considered as the mini Switzerland of India. Beautiful hills, lakes, and meadows along with thrilling adventurous activities make it a must visit the place. Situated near Dalhousie, the place can be visited throughout the year, however, during the cold months, the roads are often sealed off due to heavy snowfall.

Nubra Valley, Jammu & Kashmir
It is a timeless beauty, straight out of a book of advanced art. Nubra Valley lies on the silk route. It is situated around 140 Kms away from Leh. The rivers Shyok and Nubra give it a surreal beauty. June to October is the time to visit this place. The beauty of the place will mesmerize you.

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