Bike Rentals in Himalayas

Take a trip to Paradise with Royal India Bikes

Home to the highest mountain range in the world, Himalayas is a synonym to Paradise. Explore the majestic mountains, deep valleys and great glaciers with Royal India Bikes Himalayan motorcycle tours.

The Himalayas are beautiful, serene and adventurous. From thick forest to lush valleys, from tropical jungles to mighty hills, Himalayan ranges have it all. Having a Himalayan motorcycle tours will bring you in direct contact with the people and different species of flora and fauna. You will love the thrill and excitement that the motorcycle tours Himalayas offer. Conquer the mountain peaks while trekking or dive in the cool fresh water while rafting. You can indulge yourself in various adventure activities such as trekking, rafting, skiing, mountaineering and many others. You may also opt for activities such as Canoeing and Kayaking, Fishing and Angling, Wild life tour, Jungle safari and jeep safari.

The Himalayas, besides being an adventure spot for travellers, it is also popular for its religious significance. You will have a lot to explore if you are in search of spirituality. You can pay a visit to the Badrinarayan Temple, Gangotri temple, Kedarnath Mandir, or the temple in Yamunotri to calm your mind and soul.

Motorcycle Tours in Himalayas

Royal India Bikes aims in providing you with the best bikes for an amazing motorcycle tours the Himalayas. We ensure that you have an easy going and comfortable trip. We also provide proper tour guidance and assistance in hotel booking. Rent a motorcycle for a day or for a week. We have amazing options for you that will suit all your requirements at the best available prices. We also provide you tour packages and proper guidance so that you never have to face any difficulties. Royal India Bikes have made Himalayan motorcycle tours hassle free.

We also have Road Captain’s, break down service and back up vehicles on request/charge. We also have tie-ups with hospitals & ambulances for emergency situations.

Himalayas are both beautiful and enchanting. Trailing through the Himalayan mountains is a wonderful experience that you will cherish forever. You will definitely love riding through the mystical snow clad hues of Himalayas. Royal India Bikes have made Motorcycle tours Himalayas easy and smooth. All you have to do is get in touch with us.

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