Travelling on a bike is an excellent feeling. It’s you and the road ahead and the best part is that you can wander where ever you want. So, are you craving for a bike ride to the unexplored? Here are some of the do’s and don’ts for you when you decide to travel around on a bike.

Type of Bike

When you decide to travel around, you have to ride your bike for long hours. The first thing that you should make sure is that your bike is in a great condition. If you don’t have a bike that meets all your requirements, you can always hire bikes in India. Frequent riders have customized their bikes to suit their travelling needs. Brighter headlights, comfortable and wide seats, enough luggage space are some of the things recommended if you want to make some alterations to your bike.

Comfort is the key factor for a successful motorcycle tour India. Royal Enfield Classic 500 cc is one of the most comfortable bikes. It is also biker’s favourite bike for tours as it suits all terrains and is amazing for solo travellers.


Having a plan ready is beneficial. Ensure that the plan pertains to the roads that you are planning to cover and calculate the petrol and the Kms that you will have to cover. While planning research on the route that you are planning to take. Plan your schedule that you don’t risk much by travelling at night especially in the hilly areas. Track the hotels and available stays in and around the areas, you plan to tour on.

What to carry along

  • Be smart and carry light! Your luggage and emergency kit are some of the essentials that you have to pack properly. Motorcycle spare parts such as Battery fuses, Headlight bulb, foot pump, multi-function screwdriver and plier, clutch cable etc are some of the spares that you should carry with you at all times. Learn how to fix your bike in cases of a breakdown. Carry an emergency first aid box so that you can take good care of yourself if the case of any mishappens.
  • Riding Gears are a must for long journeys. you need to ensure that you are wearing the right gear fit enough for riding. Wear biker or ankle length boots, full face helmets, and proper jackets.
  • Don’t forget to carry all the important documents along with you such as the driving license, motorcycle insurance, and health insurance etc.

You can always hire bikes in India for easy travelling. All the necessary requirements are provided along and the bikes are best suited according to the trip you are planning to take. You may also opt for a motorcycle tour India and explore the unexplored. So, get ready to zoom on a bike.

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