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Resplendent Rajasthan

September – March

Rajasthan ( Rajputana ) – An amalgamation of the old and the new, the Land of the Kings, Land known for its History, for her many beautiful and formidable forts and palaces, a land where the bravest of the brave live. Her mighty desert and sand dunes, the colorful dresses of the people, not to forget the habitat housing the largest Tiger population in India. Come ride to the golden triangle and through mesmerizing terrains.

Of this romantique land both trough the offbeat or the regular roads taken. The Camel Festival ( Bikaner ) Pushkar Mela ( Pushkar ) Holi at Jaipur, Bundi Festival at Bundi and Desert Festival at Jaisalmer are some of the main attractions.


Rajasthan & Gujarat

Bordering the State of Rajasthan is Gujarat, famous for its Rann of Kutch ( Salt Marshes ). The place comes alive during its festival starting November – February. for more details.

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