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1. Accommodation

We can organize home stays at Chandigarh , Raison, Baroge and New Delhi. Bed & breakfast homes are also available in the range of EURO 25 ~ EURO 50 per couple per night.

2. Our recommendations for bars / dining restaurants


  1. Lodhi Garden Restaurant: Opposite Mausam Bhawan, Near Gate No. 1, Lodhi Road
  2. @live: K 12 Outer Circle, Connaught Place – Live Bands
  3. QBA: E 42/43, Connaught Place( Inner Circle) – Live Bands
  4. Veda: Fine Dining, H – 27, Outer Circle, Connaught Place
  5. Buzz – MGF Mall, Ground Floor, Saket
  6. Olive Beach – Mediterranean Food ,Fine Dining, Hotel Diplomat, 9 Sardar Patel Marg, Chanakyapuri
  7. Olive Bar & Kitchen – Mediterranean Food Fine Dining, One style Mile, Mehrauli
  8. Magique – Gate no 3, Garden of 5 senses, Mehrauli Badarpur Road
  9. Ego Thai – Excellent Thai Food & Lounge Bar, Main Market, New Friends Colony
  10. Smoke House Grill – Excellent Steaks, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi


  1. Hot millions: Sector 17,Chandigarh ( several restaurants)
  2. Girl in the cafe: SCO 117-119, Sector 17
  3. Backpackers Cafe : SCF 16, Sector 9


  1. Jhonsons Cafe: Circuit House Road, Manali Mkt
  2. Martins Sunday Brunch: Ask around for directions

3. Radio Taxi services in New Delhi

Meru – 011-44224422 :

YO Cabs – 011-44664466 :

Mega Cabs – 01141414141 :

Wyn Cabs – 011-48000000 :

From the New Delhi IGI Airport (Terminal 3) it is advisable to take a Radio cab. These are air-conditioned cabs that go by the meter and are highly recommended. In addition to the fare, a parking charge of INR 80 is levied.

Should you want to take non-air conditioned (Black & Yellow) taxis, same are also available through a prepaid counter at the airport terminal.

From the New Delhi railway station it is advisable that you have a radio taxi booked in advance. Black & Yellow taxis could operate without a meter.

Auto Rickshaws (Tuk-Tuks) are also available, but it is advisable to use them only if the meters are working. Alternatively, price to be fixed prior hiring them.

4. Responsible Riding

In addition to the riding tips, here are some do’s and don’ts which Royal India Bikes team want to convey

Road Rage. The city riding can be a bit stress full with drivers and auto rickshaws being a bit hasty to get to the moon. (Specially during the peak hours (0830 – 1100, 1300-1430 and 1730 – 1830 hrs) While most of them will use their horns to get you out of their way, some tend to come very close with the intention to ” scare you off ” and one in a million case – indulge in something called “PANGA”. It is best to move off and give way, i.e. move to the extreme left of the road. Worst case in a million, you can call the POLICE by dialing 100 or 1090 for TOURIST POLICE

5. Social Etiquettes

In some parts of North India, it is NOT rude to stare! People are curios and their stares are pure innocent curiosity Dress conservatively – while riding, and to minimize attraction, women riders are requested not to wear low cut or biking tops while riding (except where in Goa, where rules are just the opposite !). Male riders are requested not to ride topless.

Smoking is not allowed in public places and is an offence.

Dress code for religious places is strict, please dress conservatively, covering the head is a mark of respect, footwear is to be taken off, some temples also do not permit articles of leather that includes belts (but not wallets).

Mosques in India are open for all and Friday 14:30 is the main prayer (Namaaz).

While visiting the Sikh place of worship (Gurudwara), do enjoy the community meals called LANGAR. Langar’ refers to the distribution of food – free – to the sangat. It promotes the idea of equality as the members of the sangat are required to sit cross legged on the floor alongside each other, regardless of caste, status or rank. There is no special treatment meted out to individuals of a certain class, food is not especially prepared for a particular individual or group of individuals.

Church services are conducted on Sundays and there are churches at most of the cities .

6. Language

The best way to get around the country and find your bearings is being able to converse in ” local lingo “. Given below are some simple words that can be used easily in North India (In order of conversation). Majority of Indians can understand English.

Hello – A bit loudly to stop a person in his tracks.

Boss – To make him feel good and stop what he is currently doing (In South India – Boss is replaced by SIR)

Namaste – pronounced as NAA-MAS-TEY. It means I greet the God within you. A Indian Greeting of hello and also good bye.

Dhanyavad – pronounced as DHA-NYAA-WAAD. It means thank you.

Kidhar – Pronounced as KEY-DHAR. It means where.

Bahut Acha – Pronounced as BAH (as in Baharain)-HOOT AA-CHAA. It means very good.

Ha – Is Yes

Na – Is NO

Maf Karo – Pronounced as MAA-AF KA-ROW. It means sorry.

Bhai – Pronounced as BHA (as in Baharain) IEE . It means Brother.

Behen – Pronounced a BEH – HEN. It means sister.

7. Beggars

We recommend not to pay heed or entertain them, if you really like to help the poor, there are many NGOs (Non Government Organizations) that welcome donations and other forms of help.

8. Useful Links

Information on Police websites

Information on State Tourism Departments

Some recommended Hotels & Activities

Indian Railway booking site