Goa is a very beautiful place. From great fun beaches to splendid churches, all adds up to its beauty. There is so much to explore in and around the city. Every part of Goa has a new dimension that you would absolutely love. The best way to explore Goa is on a bike. You can easily get a bike on rent in Goa so that you can explore and enjoy to the fullest. Some of the must visit offbeat places in Goa are:

1) Ruins of Cabo De Rama

Cabo De Rama is the oldest fort in Goa. The fort was conquered many times from the Hindus to the Mughals and the Portuguese. The chapel and barracks were built by the Portuguese after conquering it in 1700. The fort is not well maintained but it is something that you must definitely visit. From every part of the fort, you can see mesmerizing sea view.

How to Reach:
Moving south of Madgaon, a deviation from the National Highway going to Karwar at Chinchinim, a quiet bumpy road goes towards the hills on the edge of the sea. At the end of this road is the Cabo De Rama. With motorcycle rental India you can easily reach there. Enjoy the route all along.

2) Island Hopping

Situated far away from the main city, there is these cluster of secluded islands which are very beautiful. These islands have attractive landscape, lush vegetation, and quaint environment.

How to Reach:
You can easily take ferry rides or take a bike on rent in Goa. Ride all the way through Panaji and reach these beautiful islands.

3) Eerie Environs of Devil’s Canyon

They used to say a demon used to reign at this place and had control over all the creatures. However, when a local duped the demon and stole his fishes, the area was cursed. Even now, you can feel the chills there. Visit this offbeat place in Goa, if spooky adventure is your thing.

How to Reach:
It is situated near Molem at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary. It is on the way of the Durga Sagar waterfalls.

4) Dark Passages of the Goan Caves

These surreal caves in Goa are a must visit place. They have great historical and natural importance. Some of the most important caves are The Arvalem Caves, The Lamgau Caves, and The Rivona Caves. Some of these caves are even man-made.

How to Reach:
Travelling Goa on a bike is the best way to explore it. These caves are situated near to each other. You can easily visit them through motorcycle rental India.

5) Aguada Fort

Aguada Fort is the perfect destination for a bright evening. It is one of the finest beauties overlooking the Panjim city.

How to Reach:
You can easily travel Aguada Fort through road. Motorcycle rental India makes it easy and interesting at the same time. You can get a bike on rent in Goa and explore the area near the fort on your way.

You can always book a motorcycle tour guide to enjoy yourself and have an adventurous trip.

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