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The 5 Most Amazing Bike Trips in India under 500 kms from Delhi!

Weekend getaways are some of the incredible escapes. Delhi, despite having its own share of heritages and monuments, boasts of being one of the major link to a number of holiday spots. These amazing bike tours in India collected by Royal India Bikes are the places to visit to offer just the right break you need –


1. Mussoorie –

It is one of the closest and prettiest hill stations around Delhi. It is also a popular road trip destination from Delhi. From ropeways to waterfalls to a local market and delicious food, it a mix of a classic and perfect Indian hill station. The drive is breathtaking making it a lovable spot. The road from Delhi to Dehradun may not be in the best condition but the scenery makes up for that.

Distance from Delhi : 290 km


2. Jaipur –

The drive to the pink city stands amongst the best bike tours in India. With so much to offer, it is a good tourist destination. The Delhi-Jaipur highway is not in a very good condition. One of the best roads in India a few years ago, unfinished and abandoned flyovers have left the roads in a poor shape.

Distance from Delhi : 280 km


3. Rishikesh –

Rishikesh is one of the most holiest and spiritual place of the Hindus. The peace and scenic beauty this place offers make it an ideal location for yoga, meditation and adventure sports. Though it has pleasant weather but it gets hot in May-June. The road condition is decent throughout except a small stretch.

Distance from Delhi : 230 km


4. Dharamshala –

Settled in the beautiful Kangra Valley with dense pine and deodar forests, streams, cool breeze, attractive surroundings, Dharamshala offers everything which consists of a perfect holiday. It is also the base of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. It is a little far as compared to other locations, but is one of the best motorcycle tours India. The drive to Dharamshala from Delhi takes around 13 hours. The roads are also broad and well-maintained.

Distance from Delhi : 470 km


5. Garh Mukhteshwar –

One of the popular bike trips in India, this stretch is known for dolphin sighting but you need to be lucky to spot them. There are easily visible when the water level is low and there is bright sunshine. April-May is a good time to spot them. The condition of the roads is decent and should not take more than 2 hours of yours.

Distance from Delhi : 110 km


Are you ready for that much needed break? Take a bike on rent in Delhi NCR to explore regions no one talks about. As attractive as Delhi may look, it can get on your nerves and thus it is best for you to take a look at our list of motorcycle tours India from Delhi and choose one to visit sometime in future.

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