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5 Reasons why the Royal Enfield is meant for long road trips

Royal Enfield shouts addiction and passion for Indian riders. Here are top 5 reasons by Royal India Bikes why Royal Enfield is meant for long and thrilling road trips.

1. Splendid Servicing –

According to Royal Enfield, you need to travel at least 10,000 kms. before you get a chance to visit the service centre. On the other hand, the spark plug has to be changed after 25,000 kms. The engine is also oil cooling which means there is no water cooling offering much more durability.

2. Saves Fuel and Money –

It is a known fact that bikes offer much better mileage than four wheelers. Since, there are no AC consuming even more fuel, you can save some bucks on fuel by using a bike for those long road trips. Maintenance is far cheaper and help is easier to get. Even if it breaks down in a remote area, the local mechanic will be able to help you out.

3. Represents Masculinity –

Royal Enfield represents masculinity and strength. No matter what issues you are facing, going for a bike ride is one of the best ways to forget them even if for a little while. If you are getting bored and need alone time, you can just hop on your Enfield and set off wherever you want to go. There are probably very few things which can match the feeling of going on a long road trip on one of the best bikes.

4. Suitable for different riding conditions –

Royal Enfield is perfect pick for bike tours in India. It has a wide usable power which suits all riding conditions. It sometimes feels as if the bike was made specially understanding the needs of bike enthusiasts. It is just right for an adventure touring bike suited for motorcycle tours in India.

5. Traffic –

The most annoying thing about riding on the Indian highways are the surprise traffic jams which greet you. And when you are riding a bullet, needless to say, ‘Jab Bullet chale to Duniya Raasta de’. This would better be understood by Royal Enfield riders who might have experienced the same on the streets.

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