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5 Tips For A Fun Filled & Adventurous Himalayan Motorcycle Tour

Bike tour demands passion and zeal to explore more and more. Himalayan motorcycle tour is the best mates of every biker. These excursions are incomplete without proper preparations whether you are a trained biker or a newcomer, going for a group ride or individually mounting. The tough roads, dangers, and challenges of harsh mountain ranges may affect everyone. So before starting a new venture, just plan it carefully keeping all the essentials in mind. It is best to follow these five tips and make your trip easy and hassle free. One needs to know how to stay safe and act wisely in the situations of danger.

  1. Do not ignore mapping the route, and take care of your bike. Plan the route, stick to it. The roads in the snow covered ranges are uncertain. There are chances of landslides, diversions, snow fall, torrential rains and other dangers. One should be ready to face every situation. It is advised to get your bike checked before starting the trip thoroughly by a trustworthy mechanic. It has to be mechanically sound and in good condition to begin a Himalayan motorcycle tour.
  2. Avoid loading extra luggage and fellow mates. Pack light and keep everything waterproof on the initial level. Do not forget to gear yourself with the gloves, warm clothes, boots along with an essential helmet.
  3. Tools and spares. Carry essential tools with yourself. A few spares will also help in the way. At times there are no signs of mechanics, garage, and help. So carrying first aid for your bike is the best option.
  4. The roads are dangerous during the night. So start the tour early in the morning and finish before the sun sets. Do not exceed more than 200 km in a day. Those rough and tough roads are not comfortable for traveling. And during the night time, it becomes riskier as there are waterfalls, landslides, etc. dangers in the way.
  5. Do not forget the fundamental things. Stay hydrated, fill your fuel tanks as there are no pumps at every 4-5 kilometers. Maintain your speed throughout the ride, cross the dangerous points at a safe speed, keep in touch with your friends and families. It helps in the case of natural calamities like landslides. At times, accurate information helps in rescuing. Register yourself in the Himalayan motorcycle tours or bikers group and carry proper documents as they are required at times.

Following these tips would add fun and adventure to your journey.

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