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7 Best Places to Visit in Manali

Manali has always been tourist’s favorite spot. Whether young or old, they flock to the places to visit Manali to experience calmness, solitude, and beauty at its best. These are a mixture of natural landscapes, historical monuments, as well as beautiful man- made marvels of the modern world.

Here are 7 best places to visit in Manali

1. Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is one of the most exciting Manali tourist places. Located at a distance of 51km from the town of Manali, it falls on the Manali- Keylong Highway and is one of the highest and most spectacular passes in the region. There are a number of adventure sports that can keep you interested such as skiing, skating, paragliding, snow scooter, and more.
Distance from Manali: 51 Kms
Best time to Visit: April to May

  • -Skiing
  • –Ice-skating
  • –Paragliding
  • -Snow Biking

2. Solang Valley

The beautiful Solang valley is situated at a distance of about 13km from Manali, It is best known for its awe-inspiring views and stunning natural escapades. The elevation of Solang Nullah is such that it offers a perfect place to play in the snow and go skiing on the slopes. The area is a hub for adventurists seeking various activities such as parachuting, zorbing, paragliding, and horse riding.
Distance from Manali: 13Km
Best time to Visit: December to May

  • –Skiing
  • –Snow Play
  • –Zorbing
  • –Parachuting
  • –Biking
  • –Paragliding
  • -Horse Riding

3. Beas River

The Beas river is one of the most important and holy rivers that flows through the states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. Bike rental in Manali is very easy. It attracts tourists, adventurists, and pilgrims from all over the world and provides a stunning backdrop for all your Himalayan adventures.

  • –Rafting
  • –Biking
  • –Skiing at Rohtang Pass
  • –Cycling
  • –Trekking

4. Jogni Falls

Jogni Waterfalls is located at an easy distance of about 3km from the main market of Manali, The trek to the top of the waterfall lasts for about 20 minutes and will expose you to some of the most serene beauties of nature.

5. Bhrigu Lake

Also known as the ‘Pool of Gods’, Bhrigu Lake is located at a distance of about 43km from the town of Manali. The lake is bordered by snowy peaks of the Himalayas on all sides and is a moderate to difficult trekking escapade. Also nearby is the Nehru Kund, which is a natural water spring that is fed by the waters of the Bhrigu Lake and is truly picturesque.

Distance from Manali: 18 Kms
Best time to Visit: May to June
Attractions/Activities: Trekking

6. Kasol

Kasol is an ideal getaway that provides stunning views of the Himalayan peaks. The quiet surroundings, low population and a relatively moderate climate throughout the year, bring backpackers to Kasol every year.

Distance from Manali: 75km
Best time to visit: October to June
Attractions: Quiet and serene Valleys
Activities: Trekking, Nature Walks, Culture

7. Malana

Malana has always intrigued visitors from all over the world. It has a unique culture and lifestyle, which everyone loves to explore. It is a common destination on places to see around Manali.
Distance from Manali: 83Kms
Best time to Visit: March to October
Attractions/Activities: Trekking

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