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Awesome Places to ride this weekend around Bangalore!

The weekend is right here! Thinking of wrapping up your city life and driving away from the hustle bustle to mesmerizing sky views and fresh air? If yes, ‘Royal India Bikes’ brings to you the perfect weekend destination. We have dig deep and got the places near Bangalore which are perfect for your next road trip. Here is a list of the top places for short bike tours in Bangalore –

  • Nandi Hills You can never go wrong with Nandi Hills as your road trip destination. It is just 60 kms away, offering as an ideal place to visit near Bangalore. It should be visited early in the morning to experience the morning haze, cloudy mist and scenic sunrise. It is a great option for bike trips in India. There are many other activities to do in Nandi Hills such as cycling, sunrise/sunset, heritage and sightseeing.
  • Savandurga Savandurga is a trekking destination which is 60km away. The name means ‘Fort of the Death’ in Kannada. It is referred to as one of the largest Monoliths in Asia and poses great challenge for the trekkers. It offers a number of opportunities for capturing the scenic surroundings offering as a bonus for bike rentals in Bangalore. The main activities to do in Savandurga are photography and trekking.
  • Anthagange – A perfect spot for Mountaineering and caving, this place calls to spend a weekend with it. The splendid rock formations makes it an amazing place for adventure activities. You can opt for activities such as Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Ziplining, Trekking and Rope Traversing. So opt for for the right bike rentals in Bangalore for the most awaited road trip.
  • Bheemeshwari – This is the right place to do all the activities you have been longing for so long. You can do Zip-lining, Rappelling, Kayaking, Cat Walk in one single trip. The river will be with you all this while and the wilder serenity will give you the chance to enjoy calmness and quietness of the nature. You can also enjoy the wildlife in the surrounding area.

So there you go! Motorbike Trips in India are actual fun as it is a bike friendly nation. You will come across many people no matter which part of the country you choose.

So make use of our Bike rental service in Bangalore now & throttle ahead through the streets of Bangalore this weekend!

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