Goa Road

Experience Goa on a rented motorcycle

The best way to explore Goa is on a bike. There is just so much more to Goa than just beaches and you can easily explore it like never before by renting a bike in Goa. One of the best things about bike rentals is that they offer you the freedom to go where you choose when you choose. You just have to turn the key on your newly acquired bike or scooter and get ready to conquer Goa.

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind before renting a Bike:

Carry all your documents along

Indian citizens are required to have the following documents:

1. License: Carry your valid two-wheeler license along with you

2. Identification: Carry your identification proof as well. You may need it.

3. Bike documents: Make sure you have all the bike documents before you take the two-wheeler out to explore Goa.

Check the fuel

Make sure you find out where the nearest fuel station is and fuel up your two-wheeler so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted bike ride.


Helmets are compulsory for all riders so make sure you get one along with your bike on rent in Goa.

On the road

You will come across a lot of people riding bikes and cars on the roads of Goa. Make sure you keep your cool and keep your speed under control. Riding is fun but don’t let it risk your life. Enjoy the road but try to stay safe as well. Don’t do anything that would sabotage your safety.

You can either get a bike on rent in Goa or you may get one in Mumbai and ride all the way to Goa. You will get an amazing, out of the world experience if you explore Goa on a bike.

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