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How To Plan Leh-Ladakh Bike Trip

A Leh Ladakh bike trip is a milestone everyone wants to cross off their lists. But before you decide to embark on this journey, plan meticulously and leave no detail untouched. No matter how exciting and adventurous the mountains may seem, they are also dangerous, especially when you are traveling on a bike. Here is the list of things that you need to keep in mind before you make the memories of a life time-

  • A well-functioning bike. As the motorcycle remains your only mode of transportation, it should not break down in the middle of anywhere. You can’t go on the Leh Ladakh bike trip with a broken motorcycle. Make sure that you get it professionally checked, learn basic maintenance work from your local mechanic and carry spare parts. Better be prepared than be stranded in some unknown place.
  • Climate. Most of us, will not have experienced high altitudes. It is prudent to take necessary precautions for the same, especially on the two wheeler. Take a clean cotton cloth or mask while riding your bike. Watch out for acute mountain sickness or AMS- with symptoms like a headache, loss of appetite, dehydration, dizziness, etc. Carry Diamox with you. Although there are different views all over the internet, try to see if you can get through this Leh Ladakh trip by assimilation, rather than medication.
  • The route to take, Seasons to Visit. There are two routes— Manali to Leh or Srinagar to Leh, both of them are beautiful in their own way. Both of these routes are concurrently open.
  • Energy Bars and Water. Dehydration is very common in high altitude areas. Especially with low oxygen levels, it is necessary that proper meals are taken. Drinking 3-4 liters of water and keeping chocolates or energy bars handy is vital.
  • Passes and Permits. Before 2014, domestic tourists also had to get passes to visit places like Tsokar & Pangong Lakes, Tsomoriri, Dhahanu, etc. Now, you need to carry a valid ID proof. If you are a foreign national traveling via land, you need to get PAP (Protected area Permits) to travel these areas.

While planning your bike tour to Leh- Ladakh, you can’t be careless. Plan at least 3-4 months in advance, talk to people who have visited before and make sure that you have created a proper itinerary for this ride and the trip of a lifetime.

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