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6 Ways in which You can Make your Manali to Leh Trip More Exciting!

Manali to Leh trip is one of the most celebrated bike road trips in India. Thousands of visitors from across the globe plan their Leh trip every month.

Here are a few steps laid down by Royal India Bikes, a renowned motorcycle rental service in India to help you make your Manali to Leh trip more exciting –

Limit phone calls –

Road trips are about being wild and free on the open road. It is about spending quality time and experiencing new things. It might be enticing to spice things with phone calls to your friends back at home, but limiting them will pay off when you are able to actually get to know the fellow travelers and make the most out of the trip. The serene beauty of the nature is best experienced when you limit your phone usage.

Ask a local where to eat –

It is always better to ask a local to suggest places for tastier, cheaper dinner with a better ambiance than a guidebook could ever suggest. Find a local who looks like they know what’s happening and ask a simple question. This will be an add on to make your taste buds go wow!

Take pictures –

And by this, we mean not just the Instagram kind pictures but the ones worth cherishing for a lifetime. Road trips are prime fodder for the beautiful scrapbooks and bulletin boards once you get home. Moreover, the pictures that you take on the trip can revive your memories just through a glance of it any time.

Make a plan but not a rigid one –

If you are running short on time, it is always suggested to plot out which city you will be in every night before setting off. Plan in a way when the riding time is eight hours or less per day but do not plan anything more than that. Wait to watch your days becoming the epic of riding, wandering and following the wild road trip notion.

Set realistic expectations –

As much as you want to have a perfect vacation, the circumstances may not always cooperate with us. Don’t let small instances ruin your mood. Just accept it happened and move on. If there are certain things you know you can’t or don’t want to, don’t push yourself. Do what makes you happy.

If you are looking for bike rentals in Manali, Royal India Bikes can be a perfect pick. Go on a bike trip and explore the captivating Himalayan terrains.

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