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The 5 Essentials for a Road Trip in India


Opposite to the popular belief, a road trip is not taking the car out and hitting the road instantly. There is a lot of planning involved and a lot of groundwork needs to be done. Here is a list of essentials chalked out by Royal India Bikes for a road trip in India –

1. Decide the month to travel –

India offers the maximum variety in terms of climate and this holds significance when you are planning your holiday. There are many roads which remain shut during certain seasons such as the Leh-Manali route during winters or wildlife sanctuaries during monsoon. Don’t forget to visit the weather forecast for the destination you intend on covering.

2. Appropriate footwear

Good shoes are an unarguable necessity while travelling in India. If you wish to pack your favourite pair of flip flops, a more sturdy pair of shoes are also advisable. A pair of hiking boots and sandals are good enough a deal to get you anywhere in India.

3. Money

If you are planning to take the Himalayan Motorcycle Tours, there will be not be ATM or bank facilities everywhere. Make sure you carry sufficient amount of cash that will help you in uncertain conditions. If possible, try to carry some loose change as well for quicker payments.

4. Camera

No matter whether you are planning a beach or bike trips in India, you are bound to have many memories associated with it. Carrying a camera allows to capture those beautiful moments that can be cherished for a lifetime.

5. Essential equipments

There are a basic set of things which you must have for a road trip. They are –

First Aid Box – Except the usual one, carry certain medicines and an icebox that you or your friends may require.
Flashlight – Do not look at your mobile light as a substitute.
Helpline Numbers – Booklets are available online and at all the bike service centres.
Puncture Repair Kit – Carry the appropriate tools in case of any emergency during your bike trips in India.
Navigation System – This is a significant part of your road trip. Smartphones have an in-built system. If you are planning to use yours, buy a wireless or a portable charger as long hours of navigation can drain the battery.

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