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Riding like a Boss – Planning Tips for your Self Contained Bike Tour!

So you wish to get out on your own and have decided to choose for self contained motorbike trips in India. This implies that you will have to organize all the logistics, carry your own gear and choose your own route.

Here is a quick guide by Royal India Bikes to help you decide and plan the biking tour adventure.

  • Choose a Location –

    The first step is to choose where you want to ride. It could be in an area near the city, the next town or a totally new location. It is important to research your desired location carefully. Gather the maps and the route information and plan to bring a GPS device if possible.

  • Plan your Route –

    After deciding the location, you have to plan your route. How many miles do you plan to ride? Will the GPS be helpful in the areas you plan to ride? Outline your route on a map and research the areas. Know ahead of time what to expect.

  • Choose a Bike –

    Another important factor to be considered is the bike you plan to take. Having a reliable bike is important since you do not want to break down in the middle of nowhere. Figure what bike suits the road conditions and work the best for your terrain.

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  • Picking riding partners –

    Choose riding partners if you are not planning to ride solo. It is better to work together on planning if you are going in a group. Keep in mind the tents you need, equipments, who carriers what and other important things.

  • Plan your Stays –

    Choose your options such as the hotels, camp grounds which are with friendly locals.

  • Choose the Accessories and Gear –

    For starters, you need the bike and equipment. Carefully choose the clothing and keep in mind the packing tips. Carry only what you need. Also, check the packing tips on how to pack light and smart.

  • Training –

    This is undoubtedly the most important part of the tour preparation. If you are planning on a multi-day journey, be sure to do some of the them before. Get a first hand experience on how it feels to hop back on a bike after a day of riding. Try to mimic the terrain of your planned tour.

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