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As famously quoted by Dan Aykroyd, ‘You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle!’. Riding a bike is a thrilling experience symbolizing control and puts your mind at ease. Royal India Bikes, the leading bike rental service in Bangalore says that it is something most people don’t have to do but rather feel compelled for a variety of reasons ranging from passion to adventure. We commenced in 2011 after noticing the craze and passion people had with riding bikes especially with the Royal Enfield. Ever since then, we have been true to our core beliefs in facilitating the exploration demands of these passionate riders coming to India from different parts of the globe.

Renting a bike in Bangalore has never been this easy!

Grab the advantage of bike rentals in Bangalore. We, at Royal India Bikes offer superior online bike rental services in Bangalore for your convenient travel. We are now providing several deals on bullet for rent in Bangalore and other Royal Enfield bikes at various locations. So, you can rent a Royal Enfield in Bangalore in the most convenient way and facilitate your bike tours in India.

The greatest experience of riding a Royal Enfield is what we are happy to offer to a lot of people with our motorcycle rental in Bangalore. It could be a childhood fantasy for many. The throttling experience that a Royal Enfield fetches has been rejoiced by a lot of us for years.
We are proud to give you the same experience with our service – Bullet for rent in Bangalore. In the past years, we have gained the love of riders from across the globe.

Features of our Rental Service

Royal Enfields are in our DNA and hence the famous motorcycle rental in Bangalore comprises of the latest Classics & Standard 500s and 411CC Himalayan Motorcycle for maximizing the off-road riding fun. We strictly believe “A Well Maintained Vehicle Never Deceives The Rider”.

We pay detailed attention to the condition of our bikes. Thus, all our bikes are serviced and maintained by the authorized Royal Enfield workshops all over India ensuring the quality and reliability is not compromised at any given point of time.

When you take a bullet on rent in Bangalore from Royal India Bikes, we make sure the technical team gives a briefing about the mechanics with a trouble-shooting guide which can be used in case of a rare breakdown.

Want to rent a Royal Enfield in Bangalore? Look no more! Royal India Bikes offers premium bike rentals in Bangalore. We understand the passion and love one has for riding a bike. Therefore, we strive to bring together the best online bike rental services in Bangalore.

Rent a Royal Enfield in Bangalore now!

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