We (Royal India Bikes LLP) have answered most of the frequently asked questions and provided all the information required for your trip. If you require more information please feel free to contact us

What are the requirements to lease a motor bike?

  • The rider must be over 18 years of age.
  • Must Possess an International Driving License with endorsement A & A1.
  • Have a valid Indian Visa.
  • Bring along own helmet, or lease one from us.
  • Give us details of your next of kin in home country along with complete address and phone numbers for contact in case of an emergency.

What are the documents relating to the motor cycle you are to check and carry with you when you take the vehicle from Royal India Bikes?

  • Copy of Registration smart card
  • Copy of Insurance Certificate
  • Pollution Under Control certificate

What are the protective gear required for riding in India?

  • Helmet – Mandatory
  • Jacket – Recommended
  • Gloves – Recommended
  • Riding Pants / Knee pads – Recommended
  • Riding Goggles – Recommended

Are the protective gear available at Royal India Bikes?

Yes, if you give us your size and requirements at the time of booking along with advance payment, same can be arranged for lease or purchase.

What are the riding tips for India?

  • Ride with head lamps on, use indicators & rear view mirrors.
  • Always ride on the extreme left or center lane of the road
  • For overtaking another vehicle flash the high beam and wait till he gives you a hand signal. Some vehicles will
  • switch on their left or right indicators as an “ approval “ to overtake them from the indicator flashing side
  • It is recommended to overtake from the right side
  • It is common though against the traffic rules for tractors, jeeps and sometimes trucks driving on the wrong side of
  • the road, should you encounter them, do flash your head lamps to make them aware of your presence
  • Follow traffic rules & speed limits. On highways its 90 Kmph and city it is 50 Kmph

Where do you fuel the motor bikes from?

Recommended fuel companies having fuel stations are:

  • Bharat Petroleum
  • Indian Oil Corporation
  • Hindustan Petroleum
  • IBP
  • Shell

What are the spares given along with the motor bike?

  • Tool kit as given by Royal Enfield
  • Emergency medical Kit
  • Set of Fuses
  • Clutch Cable
  • Accelerator Cable
  • Spark Plug

Additional spares like spare tyre, bulbs and engine oil can be provided on request.
We will recommend list of Royal Enfield authorized dealers on your route, where you can get the motor bike repaired in case of any breakdown. All repaired in case of any breakdown. All repair costs are to your account ( other than material failure ).

What happens in case of an accident ( RIDER )?

  • There is no liability on Royal India Bikes and its properitor’s for loss of life, injury or any other damage to rider/pillion.
  • If you are taking a guided tour / advisory from us, we will give numbers of hospitals / emergency numbers for assistance.
  • Every National Highway displays numbers to be dialed in case of emergency / accident. Wherever available with us, we will assist with, however recommend that you note down these numbers when you come across the number boards.
  • If on a toll road or expressway, toll road company / NHAI ( National Highway Authority of India ) have ambulance services that will take you to nearest Government Hospital.
  • On reaching the hospital, get medical aid and inform us. If you are in a remote town, village or smaller city, we will assist in transferring you from Government Hospital to Private Hospital to nearest Metro City for better medical aid. The charges involved/incurred in such a case are to be borne by you. This service is on a non commercial basis
  • We have a tie up with Reputed Private Hospitals in our base cities of New Delhi and Chandigarh.

What happens in case of damage to the bikes or if the bikes need repair?

All damages are to account of rider, at the time of by back, repair charges will be deducted from deposit. If the motor bike is damaged beyond repair, entire deposit will be forfeited by Royal India Bikes LLP.

What about food and water?

  • It is recommended to carry your own water. Indian brands like Himalayan, Bisleri, Aquafina ( Pepsi Co ) Kinley ( Coca Cola) and Aqua are available in most of the places. Premium brands like sparkling water, Evian can be arranged basis an advance notice of at least 3 days. Payment for same will be as per actual bill.
  • Depending upon the route you wish to take, we can suggest food joints ( Dhabhas – pronounced as Dhaa baaa) en route.
  • In our base cities, we can suggest from Fine Dining to budget eating places

How and when do you pay?

  • A 10 % advance is required at the time of confirming the booking. Balance to be paid prior departure along with the interest free security deposit.
  • Radio Taxi Services in Delhi, Bus & Train to/from Chandigarh
  • Chandigarh is connected by Train & Bus from New Delhi International Airport & New Delhi Railway Station ( Pahargang Side )
  • Indo-Canadian run Volvo/Mercedes Benz bus service from the T3 Terminal to Chandigarh. The bus originates from outside the Terminal Building EXIT Gate. www.indocanadian.com / Redbus
  • If you wish to take a train, there are 3 Express trains ( Shatabdi Express ) Trains plying from New Delhi Station to Chandigarh. www.irctc.co.in is the link to book the tickets. Should you need us to book the same, we will do so on payment of a service charge.
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